Peter Egan

Peter Egan interview

This is an interview by Debbie Connolly with actor Peter Egan. You may know Peter Egan best from his role in Ever Decreasing Circles - although you may have seen him on your televisions in the Downton Abbey 2012 Christmas special too, and without revealing too much fans of Downton Abbey should stay tuned! - but are you aware he is a committed advocate for dog welfare and runs his own charity All Dogs Matter?
An extract of this interview can be heard in Episode 21 of The Dog News Show.


Episode 21 - dogshaming, a Downton Abbey star and more

The latest Internet craze of "dogshaming" is the story that kicks off Episode 21 of The Dog News Show - and it has divided opinion not just in the dog community but also in the presenters of the show too. One of them finds it funny, the other finds it unpleasant - can you guess which is which? But is it the dog's fault when he commits a "crime"? And where does any "shame" attached belong - with the dog or the owner?