dog attack

Episode 43 - Dog attacks in the media and more

In this week's podcast where dogs meet news, Debbie and Julie discuss the distressing stories that have dominated this week's headlines. It's been a sad week in the dog world, and as ever if you have opinions about what you hear, or you'd like to suggest stories for next week, get in touch with the show.

Walking The Dogs

In the second episode of The Dog News Show there are stories to make you smile, frown and maybe even shed a tear. There is a practice in America known as flipping dogs, which means buying a dog cheaply or acquiring it for free and then selling it on quickly for a profit. There is a petition you can sign if you think this practice should be stopped - and as an experienced rescuer Debbie highlights the dangers of taking an unknown unassessed dog into your home. This problem is not confined to the United States though, and many British dog lovers are horrified to find out that unscrupulous people are trading in dogs, and passing off puppy farmed dogs as being carefully bred. So how do we solve this problem? - education or legislation, what do you think?