Peter Egan interview

This is an interview by Debbie Connolly with actor Peter Egan. You may know Peter Egan best from his role in Ever Decreasing Circles - although you may have seen him on your televisions in the Downton Abbey 2012 Christmas special too, and without revealing too much fans of Downton Abbey should stay tuned! - but are you aware he is a committed advocate for dog welfare and runs his own charity All Dogs Matter?
An extract of this interview can be heard in Episode 21 of The Dog News Show.


Brian May Interview

Badgers are a hot topic at the moment, with their proposed cull, and its effectiveness, being debated in the news. One high-profile person who is dead set against the cull is Queen lead guitarist Brian May. He and fellow wildlife rescuer Anne Brummer attended Marc Abraham's Pup Aid where Debbie interviewed them about their opposition to puppy farming, and their concern about the relationship between humans and wildlife.