"K" marks dog gates for future Theft

There is a story circulating that the letter "K" has been daubed on gates and pavements outside houses where thieves intend to later steal dogs. Cheshire Police are quoted in the story.
The Dog News Show asked for clarification and received this statement. We thank Cheshire Police Press Office:

K marks the spot. ~[NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED]~‏

A Cheshire Police spokesman said:

"Congleton Neighbourhood Policing Unit received a call about suspicious activity outside an address in Alsager.

"A letter “K” had been daubed on the drives of some properties in that particular road and a neighbour had seen a man looking over the fence of a dog owner but being unable to gain access as the gate was locked. No dogs had been reported stolen.

"As a result, residents in Alsager were asked to report suspicious behaviour to police."

Original story here