Episode 49 - Who owns Tia, do dogs feel jealous, dog attack, walk a rescue dog and more

It's been another busy week in the dog world, and to make sure you're
up to date listen to The Dog News Show's latest podcast in which TV's
Debbie Connolly and radio's Julie Hill discuss the latest stories.
 All dissected and served up with a healthy portion of honesty
and generously garnished with humour.

The first story is the sad tale of  Tia, the dog whose owner
told her to bite a shop assistant. While owner Jessiah Johnson received
a suspended custodial sentence, Tia has been condemned to death. Now,
there is confusion around who owns the dog, and so there is no chance
for an appeal. But is it right for a dog to suffer for a handler's
actions? To read the full story click here.

What do you think of the innovative scheme at the
Ivins Animal Shelter in Ivins, Utah
, where rescue dogs are
taken for hikes around the Red Mountain Resort by tourists? Does this
provide much needed entertainment for dogs stuck in rescue, or does it
put dogs unneccessarily at risk? And do you think the decision to adopt
a dog after taking a walk with it is a considered one?

Would you buy a treat for your dog that was called Roast
Postman's Leg
? Well such a treat does exist - please note
that it does not contain any real postman - and the Communication
Workers Union is not happy about it. It's certainly no laughing matter
that over 26,000 postal workers have been attacked by dogs since 2008,
but is this bone treat just a bit of fun, or does it encourage an
irresponsible attitude? And where does the responsibility lie for
ensuring our posties stay safe?

Julie's found some more research to provoke Debbie with, so just what
opinions will emerge when they discuss the recent study by the
University of California San Diego, that dogs
do feel jealousy
?  To read the original research
click here.
Do you think dogs can feel envy, or do you think we are guilty of
projecting human emotions onto our four legged friends?

Debbie tackles the disturbing story of
Stephen Potts, who was mauled
in the street by two of his own
dogs. This was by all accounts a severe attack, with bystanders trying
to get the dogs off, and resulted in Potts' arm being amputated.
Allegedly the dogs were startled by fireworks, but is that a
satisfactory explanation for such a serious incident? Potts is
apparently a dog breeder, which leads to the question of regulating
breeders - and owners.

To close the show with a smile, Schmaltz Corner features the story of
  Henry, the Border Terrier who got lost down a rabbit hole. His owner
called in the fire brigade, but after searching for more than three
days, Henry was proving elusive. Listen to hear the solution his owner
came up with - and to find out whether Julie's story gets "stomped" on
by Debbie yet again. 

Short Summary: 
In the podcast where Debbie Connolly and Julie Hill discuss the latest dog news stories, you can hear about Tia, the dog who ended up on death row, while her owner received a suspended sentence, how tourists are enriching the lives of rescue dogs in Utah, how postal workers are up in arms about their legs, the latest research into whether dogs feel jealousy, the man who lost his arm in a dog attack, and the owner who took an innovative approach to finding her lost dog.