Episode 48 - the Manchester and Cheshire Dogs Home Tragedy Special

The relaunch of The Dog News Show is a special episode about
the tragic arson fire at Manchester
and Cheshire Dogs Home
. This horror, apparently committed by
a 15 year old boy has captured the attention
of the UK
. Currently standing at almost £2 million, the
donations fund has received contributions from celebrities too. Simon
has donated a holiday break for the two men hailed as
heroes for seeing the fire and saving 20 dogs.
The appalling cruelty of dogs burned alive, some still
receiving veterinary care has understandably created a unique
response, showing the good nature of UK animal lovers. Sadly up
to 60 dogs died in the fire.
Social media has driven a Just Giving Fund,
the legitimate ones are run by the home and by Manchester
, who ran the first story. This has also attracted
criticism with comments about how this pound doesn't home check,
neuter or vaccinated the dogs sold after their 7 legal days as
strays are up. Other rescues appear to have criticised such a
large fund and Debbie Connolly talks about what motivates some
people to want to adopt and help from miles away whilst dogs on
their own doorsteps die.
Julie Hill discusses an article pointing out the bigger
picture of this crime. The many dogs dumped that create the need
for dog pounds, using an article
by Ally Fogg
to illustrate this. The show ends with the
traditional schmatlz corner story, Julie Hill has chosen the
story of the Bichon
Frise reunited with its family
after they feared her dead in
the fire, whilst Debbie Connolly reminds people that had the dog
been chipped and/or tagged, it would have gone home and not needed
to be in the pound at all.

Short Summary: 
A special devoted to the fire which killed at least sixty dogs at the Manchester and Cheshire Dogs Home.