Episode 43 - Dog attacks in the media and more

In this week's podcast where dogs meet news, Debbie and Julie discuss the distressing stories that have dominated this week's headlines. It's been a sad week in the dog world, and as ever if you have opinions about what you hear, or you'd like to suggest stories for next week, get in touch with the show.
On the 26th March we had the extremely upsetting news that a teenager had been killed by her friend's mother's dogs. 14 year old Jade Lomas-Anderson was visiting her friend's house when apparently she was attacked by four of the family's dogs while alone in the house eating a meat pie. Tragically Jade did not survive the attack, and police marksmen shot the dogs. Debbie and Julie express their condolences to Jade's family, and wonder what lessons can be learned from the incident. How can we prevent tragedies like this from occurring?
Facebook was awash with photos of a Cavalier Spaniel being bitten by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier type dog, when Mafalda Clewlow asked people to help her find the owner of the dog that had attacked her dog. Things took an ugly turn with people insulting and threatening the Staffie type owner, and rumours and misinformation have been posted and re-posted. In this show we have an interview with the owner of the dog that attacked the Spaniel, as for the first time he puts his side of the incident in his own words. This is a case that has been clouded by confusion about the facts - even the police had to correct their press release clarifying the situation - and at one point there was doubt as to whether the Staffie type dog, Enzo, was alive or dead.
Sadly, Enzo was destroyed earlier this week - but did the furore that broke out around this case on social media sites contribute to his death? And since people realised how much they were hurting Enzo's owner, will they learn their mistake or (as seems to be the case) will the mood swing against Mafalda. Both Debbie and Julie highlight the need for people to calm down and use common sense; be able to disagree without harassing each other. Debbie illustrates how easily misinformation can be shared by people who re-post things without verifying they are true, with the story that has swept the Internet about thieves using stickers to mark houses with dogs that can be stolen.
In other news it's Tick Bite Prevention week. Click on that link to find out more about how to stop your dog being at risk of Lyme Disease; and the only safe way to remove a tick from your dog.
To round off a sad show with a story that focuses on the gentle, caring side of dogs, Julie has a Schmaltz Corner about a terrier cross who has become a guide for his blind Labrador friend.