Episode 42 - Crufts 2013 special

Episode 42 is our Crufts 2013 special and was filmed at the most prestigious pedigree dog show in the world. Debbie Connolly and Julie Hill have been exploring, finding a variety of stories to bring to you.

We assume that securing our dogs with a harness in the car will keep them safe, but Debbie talks to Alex Wilson from Xtra Dog about the alarming lack of testing on dog car harnesses - and hears about a car harness that has been tested.

Julie talks to Farrah Stevens from the Animal Health Trust about the Herculean efforts on the stand to cycle 400 miles during the 4 days of Crufts to raise money for and awareness of the charity's new cancer centre.

Debbie interviews Marc Abraham - TV's favourite vet - about his anti puppy farm campaign. To hear more from Marc and to help him stamp out the scurge of the dog world, who keep dogs in appalling conditions and produce badly bred puppies purely for money find him on Twitter as @marcthevet.

Julie can't resist a story about dog poo - but this time it's a positive one. She talks to Gill Diamond about the dog poo wormery.

Debbie hears from John Howie of Lintbells about how their range of supplements are helping to keep both pet and show dogs in the best condition and health possible.

As ever there's a Schmaltz Corner to send you away with a smile - Lorraine and Steve Wright have been showing their dogs for 36 years and celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary at the show.