Episode 16 - ownership disputes, DockDogs and more

It's Episode 16 of The Dog News Show already and Debbie has a sad tale of woe concerning a dog who was lost, found and then taken into custody. Sam Hanson-Fleming lost his Husky-Shepherd mix dog Chase, student Jordan Biggs found the dog, christened him Bear and kept him. Jordan had Bear trained as her asthma service dog, and they spent a happy year together. Then Sam spotted the pair out on a walk and asked for his dog back, but Jordan refused. Friends of Sam accused him of having mistreated the dog, with the result that police arrested Jordan, Bear is in custody, and neither of them can currently have the dog. Debbie has vital advice on what to do if you find a lost dog to avoid getting yourself in a similar mess, and meanwhile the case continues.

If you haven't encountered the dog sport of DockDogs, you've missed out. Julie has a story about a competition near Chicago, where dogs could compete at jumping the furthest, the highest or completing the speediest retrieve. Dogs of any breed, mix and size can compete in the sport as long as they're over six months old, and older dogs can participate as there is virtually no impact on their joints. It's a fun sport to take part in - as long as your dog is willing to jump off the dock! - and it's entertaining for spectators too. To find out more about Dock Dogs visit the DockDogs website or the All About Dogs website.

It's not often that the owner of a dangerous dog serves jail time but Kevin Large has had to do just that after his Rhodesian Ridgeback mauled a young boy. Large had been told to reinforce his fence to keep his dog in his garden, but failed to do so. When the dog made it out of the garden he mauled Erfan Ali who was helping his mother in their garden. Large is now in prison, the dog has been destroyed, but Erfan has been left traumatised as well as having scars that will need years of treatment. The Welsh Government is apparently considering tightening up legislation on the care and management of dogs - but will it be too little too late?

The headline asked "With her £20,000 designer wardrobe, is Bella the Bichon Frise Britain's most pampered pet?" and the resounding answer is, "No she is not!" Bella's owner, 17 year old Laura, is under the impression that what dogs want most is designer clothes. And the only thing they want more than designer clothes is designer bags to be carried in. Poor Bella even has her nails painted. This is not the way dogs are meant to live, and what a pity this misguided teen has wasted thousand of pounds on satisfying her own desires, while inflicting suffering on her dog. What would you say to Laura to explain what a dog really wants out of life?

Debbie's last story is the odd tale of a woman whose dog ran off and caused them both to fall down a ravine in Fife, Scotland. Apparently the dog was an ex-Guide dog who had been taught not to bark - but is that the truth or has yet another dog story been misrepresented? As usual, Debbie has sound advice to avoid getting into this kind of mess - and how to deal with a runaway dog.

Julie's still striving to send listeners away with a smile and this week has the case of Sunny the rescue dog who was plucked from her shelter by dog trainer William Berloni, who was looking for a dog to play Sandy in the musical Annie. Not only was Sunny saved, but funds are also being raised for other rescue dogs by Annie ticket sales. A pretty good Schmaltz Corner - so does Debbie Connolly stomp all over it? - does a Labrador drool at dinner time?