Episode 11 - Keiron Guess attack, firefighters rescue dog and more

In Episode 11 of The Dog News Show we open with a story that's been in the headlines a lot this week - the dreadful attack on toddler Keiron Guess. Keiron wandered into a garden where two Staffie type dogs lived and received serious injuries for which he had several hours' surgery, and was kept in an induced coma for a week. The teenaged owner of the dog has expressed no remorse, and will suffer no punishment or fine as the attack occurred on private land. Debbie and Julie discuss the implications of this shocking case and wish Keiron as speedy a recovery as possible.
By contrast the second story tells of how a missing dog sparked a search which save the life of a tiny, very young human baby. This happened in Ghana, where the dog was eventually found curled up around the completely unharmed infant, and highlights the fact that dogs' true nature is to bond with and live in harmony with humans.
And in a story from Detroit, USA, we hear that some humans understand the true value of canine life. Firefighters tackling a serious house fire evacuated the human occupants, and then carried the virtually lifeless bodies of two dogs from the building. A fireman then took off his own oxygen mask and used it to help both dogs to recover from the effects of smoke inhalation. You can see video of the touching events on You Tube, and you can see a longer trailer of the Burn film which highlights the dangerous work of the firefighters involved, and find out how to support them on the Burn website.
Do you ever get into your car and then panic about whether you remembered to bring your dog with you? Well Michael Siau had no idea that his nine month old Yorkshire Terrier, Rambo. had escaped from his truck while it was parked at a rest stop in Missouri. The escape was not detected until 170 miles later, by which time Michael was in Ohio. After many frantic phone calls, Michael managed to get an animal control officer to go to the rest stop to search for poor Rambo - and Rambo was waiting there. Hear how close Michael came to losing his dog, and what made the reunion even more poignant.
Penultimately, we have the tangled web of accusation and counter accusation going on in part of the dog show world. With claims of bribery, intimidation and bullying flying back and forth, what really is going on, and what's the secret of keeping yourself on the right road in any doggy discipline?
In Schmaltz Corner the feel good story to send you away smiling is that on the dog christened Miracle, after his rescue was organised with the help of Facebook. After the dog was spotted with his head stuck fast in a plastic container two women used the power of social media to spread the message that he needed help - and the happy twist in the tale is that Miracle was not the only dog that got rescued that day. All this and more, delivered with humour, honesty and a healthy dollop of attitude too - nowhere else brings you the dog news quite like this!