Crufts 2014 Special

Here's the
Crufts 2014 special from The Dog News Show - the podcast where Debbie
Connolly and Julie Hill discuss the latest dog news stories, exchanging
strong opinions, often with more than a pinch of humour. In this show
you can hear excerpts of the interviews the team did at Crufts, and all
the full length interviews are also on the website.

up in the is show is an interview with Stephen Jenkinson who is the
Kennel Club's Access Advisor. Debbie talked to him about what his job
entails, and how he works with dog owners and land owners to make sure
that dogs can be walked with no danger to them, or to the environments
they are visiting. He brings up some strategies that can be employed to
help, and you can find more information on this page - New approaches to
managing dogs in the countryside

Julie talks to Dr Claire Guest, founder and head trainer at Medical
Detection Dogs about the work her amazing dogs do working with partners
with a range of conditions. Claire also spills the beans on some
exciting news for the charity, who recently did a demonstration in
front of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall. The royal
couple have been so moved by the charity's work that the Duchess is now
their patron. Find out more at the Medical Detection


no secret that Debbie is a big fan of police dogs - not to mention
police dog handlers - and her second interview in this show is with
Dave Hibbert who is not only a puppy socialiser, but has founded the Retired WM Police Dog
Benevolent Fund
to care for police dogs when they stop
working. This is a cause close to Debbie's heart, as she runs Bravo
Working Dog Rescue, so hear two  experts talk about the
retirement care needed for dogs who make our lives safer in so many

feeding is a hot topic in the dog world, so Julie caught up with
enthusiastic raw feeder Judith Broug to talk about her Facebook group Rawfeeding
. Judith is a total convert to raw feeding, and she not
only feeds her three dogs a raw food diet, she seeks to spread the
benefits to other dog owners. However, Judith doesn't appreciate
over-zealous attempts to persuade owners to adopt a raw approach, and
the Rawfeeding Rebels group is strictly non-judgmental and welcoming.
Hear a very interesting take on the subject of raw feeding in this

gets all Girl Power when she talks to Police Officer Sue Cheek about
her work with her police dogs Beau and King. Sue has been named the
force's Dog
Handler of the Year
, and she and her canine partner have been
in situations where they've been shot at and had petrol bombs thrown at
them. Police dogs are often in the front line of the fight against
crime, and they deserve our gratitude, as do the incredible officers
who handle them. Sue was at Crufts taking part  in displays in
the main arena, where she and King wowed the crowds.

And finally we come to Schmaltz Corner - the bit you've been waiting
for! Julie talked to Steven Courtney about his Cocker Spaniel Molls who
was trained for him by Medical Detection Dogs. Molls alerts to Steven's
blood sugar levels which are affected by his aggressive and
unpredictable diabetes, allowing him to participate in activities which
were previous impossible, and giving his parents piece of mind. The
partnership were one of the nominees in the Kennel Club's Friends
for Life
competition. Will Debbie be able to find something
to stomp all over this story about? Listen and find out.

Short Summary: 
Listen to the Crufts 2014 The Dog News Show special with interview with Kennel Club Access Advisor Stephen Jenkinson, Dr Claire Guest from Medical Detection Dogs, police dog handlers Dave Hibbert and Sue Cheek, Rawfeeding Rebel Judith Broug, and a very special Schmaltz Corner interview with one of the Friends for Life nominees.