Cheap Dog Food Sales on Rise

New data shows an increase in the sales of supermarket own brand and cheaper ranges of Pet Food against the more expensive versions. Is this really the economy it seems? Whilst superficially dogs and can can look ok on cheap brands, the ingredients can possible cause other, expensive to solve problems. Some behaviour issues in dogs and probably cats (in my experience) can be exacerbated by the additives in cheap foods. The low quality protein means the pet's overall condition could be poor. Dry skin, allergic reactions, excess moulting are all things reported by many owners who have tried the cheaper brands. There will always be people who are happy with their pet's condition, but some can't see the relationship between some medical conditions and the food they feed.
You wouldn't feed your kids ground up beaks, feathers or hooves would you?
Think of it like using the top brand of washing up liquid, you use less and it does a better job although it cost more to buy. The cheap one needs lots to clean anything, lasts a few days at best and needs far more scrubbing. Food is pretty much the same.
Is this the result of austerity? People having to cut back everywhere they can? Have you changed food brands?