12 million Brits miss out on holidays to stay at home with their pets

What do you think of this news that so many British pet owners have chosen to stay at home, rather than go on holiday, because of their pets? Have you had a "staycation" inconsideration of your dog, or have you found a great way to let your dog accompany you on holiday? And if you do go away without your pet, how do you ensure your dog is well looked after in your absence?

Here's the full story:

12 million British people have cancelled or not booked holidays in order to stay at home with their pets, according to a survey by FindaPetMinder.co.uk.

Pet owners should not be put off by the perceived cost of pet care. Pet minders can be found to meet every budget. And, you can even find a good Samaritan that will look after other people’s pets, simply in exchange for some four-legged company.

Freya Churchard, Director, Find a Pet Minder said: “As a nation we love our pets but that really shouldn’t stop us enjoying our precious holiday time. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.
“There are thousands of professional people the length and breadth of the UK that are willing to look after your pet whilst you are away. So don’t write-off your chances of a Pina Colada on a sandy beach yet. “

Sean Tipton, spokesperson for ABTA - The Travel Association said: “The British love for our pets is closely rivalled by our love for holidays. 36 million of us headed overseas on holiday last year with many taking advantage of the pets passport scheme. However, not all hotels welcome pets and if you’re going long haul it’s not really a practical option to take them with you, so anything that lets you take a break knowing your pets are being looked after has got to be a good thing.”

As the average Briton spends £372 per week for travel and accommodation on their summer holidays1, if pet owners only cut one week of holiday per year, the tourism industry would miss out on £4.4 billion per year.

On a more sinister note, the BBC recently reported that pets are being dumped by irresponsible owners to avoid summer holiday care costs2. Pets have been found in ‘bins, boxes and a cemetery’ , according the RSPCA, which is all the more saddening when there are so many ways to find help with your pets.

To help pet owners the website FindaPetMinder.co.uk has assembled their top 5 tips for planning a happy holiday.
1. Visit the website FindaPetMinder.co.uk, register and search for pet minders in your area.
2. Get organised early. Find a pet minder, meet them and check their credentials in plenty of time.
3. Introduce your pet to the pet minder. The better the bond before you leave for your holiday, the more content your pet will be while you’re away.
4. Make sure you bring home a special treat for your pet to show them that you still love them
5. Why not find a pet friendly holiday. There are plenty of hotels, guest houses, cottages and camp sites that will happily welcome pets. Check out Bespokehotels.com/LambertArms or BringTheDog.co.uk.

Clare Cook, Events Manager, The Lambert Arms, Oxfordshire said: “It seems a shame that people may miss out on a holiday because they can’t find suitable pet care, especially when there are other options available across the UK. "We are big pet lovers and understand the importance of being able to take your pet on holiday with you, which is why we are a pet friendly establishment and we have our ‘Pets Invited’ programme. We have designated ‘pet friendly’ rooms that include all the same superior accommodation as our other bedrooms.”